Homeopathy is a safe, gentle, and effective form of treatment.



Following are some of the diseases which we have treated successfully in pets:

Renal and urinary issues

Like renal calculi (stones), recurrent UTI, renal failure and uremia, Enuresis (involuntary urination)

Geriatric issues

Like heart disease/ enlargement, prostate enlargement, vestibular
disease, lack of balance, weakness, muscle atrophy, etc.

Nervous system

Issues like epilepsy, distemper, paralysis, injuries, twitching and

Other issues

Like hypothyroid, pseudopregnancies, worms, vaccination detoxes, terminal care or palliative care for end stage malignancies

Digestive issues

Including recurrent diarrhoea, IBS, pancreatic issues, bilious vomiting, worms, loss of appetite, liver failure, infections like parvovirus and gastroenteritis

    Skin problems

    Like atopic dermatitis, mange, mites, skin infections, fungal lesions, flaky & dry skin, shedding of hair and generalised itching (pruritus)

    Orthopedic issues

    Like arthritis, hip dysplasia, spondylosis, patellar subluxation,
    ligament tears, fractures and injuries

    Does homeopathy work for animals as well? This is a question we are often asked.

    Animals respond very well to homeopathy, in fact. After all, they live in the same environment as we do, and are affected by similar physical and emotional factors. They also have similar body functions and health issues as us such as renal failure, skin issues, heart enlargement, prostate enlargement, digestive problems.

    The underlying principles for treatment of animals remain the same as the ones during human treatment. Anyone who has lived with animals will know, each of them has a different personality and behaviour. Hence, their behavioural changes matter as much as their physical symptoms. We take this into account and give it a high degree of importance in evaluating the cases.